How Fresh Are Your Greens?

We at Hollygrove Market get a lot of questions about just how fresh our produce is so we figured we would start highlighting some of our freshest seasonal produce! One of the many benefits of buying local is that you get the freshest foods because they come straight to us- no middle man, no long distance.  A great example of this is Compostella Farm who harvests their greens on Monday/Wed and delivers them THE VERY NEXT DAY.  Fresh as can be and triple washed to boot.

Compostella recently became USDA certified organic, just one more reason we are excited to have them at the market!  You can learn more about their farm and products on their website,  Madeline Yoste, a New Orleans native and one of the owners of Compostella Farm, is also a leader of the Louisiana Young Farmers Coalition, the goal of which is to provide community and support to current and prospective Louisiana young farmers.