For $25, customers can purchase a share of locally grown produce from our network of Louisiana and southern Mississippi farmers. There is no need to reserve or subscribe. Just come on by the market or purchase a box online to have it delivered to your door! We also offer subscription options for recurring delivery.

The Box is available six days a week, excluding Fridays. The combination of items also changes twice a week. You can either pick up the Weekday Box which is offered Tuesday through Thursday or the Weekend Box which is offered Saturday through Sunday, also Monday in-store. To see what is available in the box, sign up for our weekly newsletter, head over to our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or read below!


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Available Saturday September 24th through Sunday September 26th!
-Arugula (Parish Produce)
-Zucchini (Two Dog Farm, Flora, MS)
-Cucumber Mix (Inglewood Organic, Alexandria, LA)
-Slicer Tomato (Covey Rise, Husser, LA)
-Bibb Lettuce (Salad Days Farm, Flora, MS)
-Herbs (Grow Your Own, NOLA)
-Sweet Potatoes (Pte Coupee, Bachelor, LA)
-Peaches (Covey Rise Husser, LA)
-Green Onion (Fekete Farm, Hungarian Settlement, LA)
-Option: Persimmon or More Peaches (J & D Farm or Covey Rise Cottonport, MS; Husser, LA)


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