Whats in the box?

For $25, customers can purchase a share of locally grown produce from our network of Louisiana and southern Mississippi farmers. There is no need to reserve or subscribe. Just come on by the market!

The Box is available six days a week, excluding Fridays. The combination of items also changes twice a week. You can either pick up the Weekday Box which is offered Tuesday through Thursday or the Weekend Box which is offered Saturday through Monday. To see what is available in the box, sign up for our weekly newsletter, head over to our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or read below!


Available Saturday, November 28th through Monday, November 30th:

– Acorn Squash (Fletcher Farm, Ponchatoula, LA)
– Creole Tomatoes (Vicknair Family Farm, Ponchatoula, LA)
– Dandelion Greens (Inglewood Farm, Alexandria, LA)
– Lemons (Star Nursery, Belle Chasse, LA)
– Satsumas (Star Nursery, Belle Chasse, LA)
– Grape Tomatoes OR Cherry Tomatoes (Vicknair Family Farm, Ponchatoula, LA; Fekete Farm, Hungarian’s Settlement, LA)
– Green Onions (Fekete Farm, Hungarian’s Settlement, LA)
– Shiitake Mushrooms (MSNP, New Hebron, MS)
– Collard Greens (Fekete Farm, Hungarian’s Settlement, LA)
– Beets (Fekete Farm, Hungarian’s Settlement, LA)

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