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The Box Meal Plan

Every market day, we seek out recipes to make it easy for you to use all the items in the box. We recommend looking through previous posts if you don't like this week's recipes.
Posted 3/2/2015 10:27am by Rie Ma.

Sweet Potato Hummus is a great take on the typical chickpea dip (or spread, depending on how you use it. This version is also super simple, so we love tagging it in for crudite or in place of mayonnaise on a sandwich or just on some toast for breakfast!

We generally try to keep recipes here fairly straightforward, but the idea of a Mustard Greens Muffin with an egg hidden inside is too neat to pass up. This particular recipe suggests spinach, but as is often the case, we encourage you to just go with whatever greens you have on hand. Of course, if you don't want to bother with the eggs, the muffins themselves are also delicious, but come on: just look at them!

Citrus salads are a unique way to change up your lunch habits, and a Grapefruit and Avocado Salad is an even more unusual twist on it than most. If you don't have an avocado on you (we're sad they aren't local here too), grapefruit with this honey mint dressing is still a delicious dish, but if you can grab one, the creamy healthy fat of the avocado does a lot to balance the tangy acidic fruit.

We've shared before how rutabagas can be used in just about any recipe calling for potatoes, but it's worth restating, especially when you put it in a Root Vegetable Gratin, because there's really not ingredient that doesn't improve with cheese and cream. We like a take on this indulgent dish with rutabaga and sweet potatoes, which add some new flavors (and health benefits). And don't get mad, but it is possible to use a light Swiss cheese and swap out some 2% milk for part of the cream, if need or want be.

Posted 2/20/2015 2:16pm by Rie Ma.

With mini English cucumbers back in the Box, an Asian Cucumber Salad is a great side or snack. The sweet and salty seasonings play well off of the refreshing cucumber, keeping this light without getting too far into full of pickling. Plus, the English cucumbers are perfect for salads, with their super small seeds!

Need a dish that can double as a breakfast or dessert with a bit of kick and not a ton of refined sugar? Sweet and Spicy Duchess Sweet Potatoes are a perfect fit. They are light and fluffy, and the cayenne heats them up just enough to keep it interesting! (Clearly, spice to taste.)

Caesar salads are delicious, and sometimes you just want that crisp and salty fix. A Kale Caesar is a fun way to incorporate heartier, healthier greens in place of the sometimes-unfulfilling romaine. The homemade dressing is also a great recipe to have in your back pocket: it's delicious in so many dishes!

Whether you're keeping paleo or just trying to sneak more veggies into a meal, Spicy Shrimp and Kale with Creamy Rutabaga is a fun spin on a traditional shrimp and grits. The old fashioned style always has its place, but it's important to try new things!

Posted 2/16/2015 10:56am by Rie Ma.

Greens are an important staple side dish: they're great with some eggs for breakfast, as lunch on their own, or to dress up any dinner. Thing is, sometimes they get a little repetitive. Lemon and White Wine Steamed Greens are a bright way to refresh cooked greens.

We've had varieties of egg muffins posted before, but with so many breakfast-friendly vegetables in the Box this week, we couldn't resist these Kale and Scallion Egg Muffins. They can get played up with some prosciutto or bread cups as bases for the muffins.

Roasted Cabbage Slices are a fun way to use cabbage, especially if you've had your fill of sauerkraut. A mustard-citrus dressing is a bright addition to the the roasted flavor of the cabbage.

Lasagna is a cozy dish for winter days, and a Mushroom, Chard, and Swiss Lasagna is a delicious atypical version. 

Posted 2/9/2015 10:59am by Rie Ma.

Sea Salt and Vinegar Sweet Potato Chips are a delightful snack that are a way healthier option than anything you didn't make at home. A mandolin is important to get thin enough slices to be as crispy as possible, but even if you slice by hand, the flavors make great home fries or slices with less crunch.

Parfaits don't always seem breakfast appropriate, but this one with Grapefruit Curd and Honeyed Yogurt is healthy enough to make the cut (if we had a cut). We recently featured a lemon curd recipe to show how the process can blend sour and sweet, and this is a great way to get grapefruit flavor in a sweet, tasty way!

Chicken soup with rice is a classic winter feel-good meal, but we recommend branching out with this Tomato and Rice Soup from Jordan. The cinnamon is a unique touch that sets this recipe apart, and this easy, cozy dish makes a great bowl to cuddle up with.

Sushi is beautiful and fun to eat, but it takes a little more work than everyone is necessarily ready to commit. These Raw Collard Wrap Bites make a pretty imitation, and they are super flexible and healthy, to boot! Fill them with herbs, tomato, roast sweet potato, or even a little sauteed sausage!

Posted 2/2/2015 10:35am by Rie Ma.

The Superbowl might be over, but with Carnival in full tilt, there is no end of opportunities to entertain and feed friends. Baked Vegetable Egg Rolls are a delicious way to pack a lot of flavor and nutrition into an easy finger food. Broccoli, shiitakes, carrots, kale, cabbage - most of the Box will be great fillings!

Trying to think of ways to make waffles more delicious AND more healthy? Look no further than Whole Wheat Carrot Waffles! Packed with protein, these are a super way to start the day, though the maple cream cheese glaze may lose you some good-for-you points.

Whether you have creole tomatoes from this week's Box or some of the gorgeous heirloom or cherry tomatoes from the general market, a Thai Tomato Salad is a refreshing way to use them. The fish sauce and Thai peppers bring a unique flair to the dish, which makes a great side or light lunch!

One more instance of the amazing growing season around New Orleans comes in the form of a summery Lemon Orzo with Tomatoes. This dish is a great dinner warm, but really shines as a chilled pasta salad, so make plenty and have leftovers!

Posted 1/31/2015 11:34am by Rie Ma.

Shaved Radish and Herb Butter Sandwiches are a great snack, breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack... you get the idea. The bravo radish in the Box this week is perfect for this: the gorgeous purple color brightens up any plate!

Rice pudding for breakfast is kind of cheating, but it's also kind of delicious. This Sweet Rice Bowl is not quite rice pudding, so we think you're in the clear. This is an quick fix if you have any left over rice from last night's dinner, and you can easily dress it up with some blueberries or roast sweet potatoes.

Turnips make good roasting or braising vegetables, but these scarlet turnips are beautiful in a Sliced Turnip Salad. Some sliced English cucumbers, crumbled cheese (we like feta or chevre), and a light citrus dressing bring this together nicely!

Though this recipe for Kale and Shiitake Soba Noodles calls for mixed frozen vegetables, it will work perfectly for just about anything in this weekend's Box! Sweet potatoes, turnips, scallions, greens, and radish? Great fits!

Posted 1/26/2015 2:02pm by Rie Ma.

Tea Eggs are a beautiful and fun take on hard boiled eggs: cracking them as much as possible is great for the look and infuses even more flavor!

Sweet Potato Bolani are a better version of hot pockets. While this recipe calls for lavash flat bread, it's a great idea that can be adapted to pastry dough, pita bread, tortillas - you name it.

Winter citrus is a great way to incorporate some brightness into a salad, and if you have some watermelon radish on hand, the spiciness is a good balance. Roasted Citrus Salad has extra malty sweetness that is a fun way to mix up your fruit flavors! 

This Chocolate Stout Cake is a delicious way to combine beer and coffee and dessert in one! Homemade kumquat marmalade is super easy, and a bright way to dress it up, too.

Posted 1/20/2015 10:38am by Rie Ma.

There are many options for sandwich supplements or bruschetta toppings, and these Roasted Garlic Tomatoes are a great choice that's easy to make ahead. The recipe is flexible to pretty much whatever type (or quantity) of tomatoes you have on hand, so there's plenty of opportunity to try them on toasted baguette with some chevre, on a turkey sandwich, or in a veggie wrap!

We've shared breakfast blueberry baked goods before, but when you get blueberries in January, it's worth revisiting. Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins are a perfect winter choice, since they're hearty and filling, but still bursting with flavor.

Are carrot greens good to eat? Well, we know plenty of juicers who love adding them for some bonus nutrients and flavor, but there persists a wicked rumor that carrot greens are poisonous: they're not. An impressive way to cook seasonally with them is this Roasted Carrots with Carrot Greens Pesto. This pesto variant is a great trick to keep up your sleeve for when your usual go-to base herbs are out of season. 

Sometimes you need to change up your greens game, and Sukama Wiki, a rustic East African dish, is a great way to do just that. This recipe is a good find, because it calls for just a few fresh ingredients, and then incorporates a delicious blend of spices that are great to have in your pantry anyway. Of course, this is a fantastic use for collards, kale, chard - really any of your dark, leafy greens!

Posted 1/12/2015 2:16pm by Rie Ma.

Sometimes in summer there are more herbs than a person can know what to do with, but in January, you want them to count. If you haven't tried making Herb Salt before, it's a great way to keep some fresh flavor on hand, and they make wonderful gifts!

Carrot cake is a delicious dessert, and if you make these with whole wheat flour, Carrot Muffins are the perfect, healthy, cheat-dessert breakfast, especially with applesauce and Greek yogurt!

If you're less of a baker or in a rush for a quick lunch, Carrot and Herb Salad is a simple dish for any time. Plus, it's a flexible recipe, so feel free to switch in different acids or herbs (it's a great place for herb salt!).

For those new to beets, the first thing to know is that they will probably stain your hands. But beyond that, they are delicious, super good for you, and they are absolutely beautiful. Beetroot Soup with Blood Orange and Coconut is a sweet, earthy dish, and less intimidating than a full on borscht. 

Posted 1/9/2015 11:46am by Rie Ma.

All right, we know the heads of cauliflower you're getting might be a little more than you planned on. In that spirit, we wanted to share some great cauliflower recipes to show everyone that there really is no such thing as too much brassica. Plus, if any of your resolutions include: eat healthier, go gluten free, lose weight, etc... versatile cauliflower is a wonderfully useful vegetable!

You may have heard of using cauliflower as a crust replacement for pizza, but a simpler version that avoids the sometimes-soggy 'za results is Cauliflower Cheesy Bread. Crispy and cheesy, there's really no need to get filled up on bread anyway.

Unlike cauliflower crusts, Cauliflower Breakfast Muffins don't mind a little more moisture, so they're also a good place to start experimenting with brassica "flour." Like making several baked eggs in a muffin tin ahead of time, this is a great recipe to do once a week and free up some of your morning for more sleep or coffee or running (yeah, I see you, non-food-related New Year's resolutions).

And yes, we love soup, especially now that it's actually wintery out, so of course we have to include Cheesy Cauliflower Soup (are you worried all the cheesy recipes aren't good for resolutions? Yeah, us neither). Of course, this recipe calls for ham, but it's easy enough to skip it to keep it vegetarian or add other ingredients if you want to take the soup in a different flavor direction. We suggest trying out some jalapenos for a bit of kick!

Risotto is a delicious comfort-y food that can get pretty healthy (or unhealthy) depending on how you make it and with how many veggies, but if you want a little more leeway, try Cauliflower Risotto with White Beans. The "risotto" itself is the cauliflower here, for a more indulgent take on the idea of cauliflower "rice."

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