Welcome to the Hollygrove virtual store!  It’s currently being updated, and will eventually list the full range of our shelf-stable and chilled products.  For fresh fruit and veg, we offer the Produce Box — a balanced selection of around 10 seasonal items that guarantees great value at $25.  You can add it to a one-off order, or set up a subscription here.  If you want more choice you can email queries to homedelivery@hollygrovemarket.com


The Box/Box subscription: Our famous produce box!  Vegetables and fruit from the surrounding area, with contents updated twice a week to ensure balance and variety.  Subcribe here.

The Bakery: Artisanal loaves baked without preservatives from Wild Flour Breads

Dairy & Eggs: Fresh milks, creams, and spreads; a selection of cheeses; chicken and duck eggs

Prepared Food: Fresh pasta; naturally flavored tofu; dips

Pantry: Grains and staples; preserves; honey products; shelf-stable dips, dressings and sauces

Hot Drinks: Fair trade coffee; coldbrew concentrate; artisanal tea blends; mate

Drinks: Craft soda; a range of flavored kombuchas; El Guapo cocktail syrups and bitters

Home & Beauty: Natural insect repellent; soaps, lotions, ointments; essential oils; loofah