Our Mentor Farmers, Amber Dawn Parker and Kweku Nyaawie, oversee the “farm” part of Hollygrove Market and Farm, and grow amazing produce for the market right here in Hollygrove!

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Amber Dawn, started as an intern in 2011 and was awarded a Mentor Farm space in 2012. She holds a Masters of Horticulture degree with a focus on agricultural education from LSU, and is the founder of Grow Your Own, an organization dedicated to teaching the hands-on art and science of edible gardening to communities of all ages.

Kweku Nyaawie, has been with us since 2013. His fresh flowers, beans, kale, and okra (among many other things) are always popular in the market, and truly highlight some of the wonderful parts of the region’s history of food.

Throughout the seasons, there are opportunities to get your hands dirty on the farm, and working with Amber Dawn and Kweku is a great way to do just that. Head over to our volunteering page to learn more about getting involved!

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