Isabelle’s Orange Orchard

Citrus season is in full swing right now!  Which makes Isabelle’s Orange Orchard an easy pick for our farmer profile of the week. Isabelle’s Orange Orchard grows all natural citrus on a small farm right here in New Orleans.  “The only things I use on my trees are sunshine and rain, lady bugs and honey bees, and of course, lots of TLC!”, says Isabelle Cossart, the owner of Isabelle’s Orange Orchard.

Isabelle’s Orange Orchard is aided in irrigation and and fertilization through a moat that runs around the property. The only fertilizer she ever uses on her trees is a small plant that grows on top of that water called duckweed, which is full of nitrogen.  She told me she “put’s it on the sad trees and then they look happy.”

We get Isabelle’s citrus delivered fresh to the store on a weekly basis, every time less than 24 hours since it’s been picked.  We currently have their Meyer Lemons and Ruby Red Grapefruit on sale in the store now and they are gorgeous. Stop by and pick some up! You can also stay up to date with what citrus Isabelle’s Orange Orchard is offering directly though their Facebook page.

Isabelle’s Orange Orchard grows their produce through sustainable agriculture – no pesticides and she doesn’t fertilize with inorganic fertilizers or sewage sludge.  These are a few of the main requirements for becoming certified organic, but Isabelle’s Orange Orchard has chosen not to go through the organic certification process.  Understanding the organic certification process and what it can involve goes a long way towards becoming a responsible consumer.  If you want to read more about it, check out this article on some of the challenges organic certification can present.