Herb Walk with Rosalie Apothecary

One of the events we had here this past weekend was a stroll around the garden guided by Rosalie Apothecary owner Christiane Wurmsteadt.  She guided us on a lovely herbal walk, pointing out many of the lesser known health benefits of culinary herbs and other plants that we have in our community gardens and farm.  The one many found most surprising was Bidens Pilosa, a common “weed” many of us gardeners here have come to despise for its prolific nature. This common plant is being studied as a natural, plant based antibiotic and has several other possible medicinal uses and health benefits.  To read more about it, check it out here.


You can also check out Rosalie Apothecary here. They run a lot of their own classes on herbs (and many, many more things) just in case you missed the walk last weekend.


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