Heirloom Pumpkin Special!

Hollygrove is having a heirloom pumpkin special! Because we think heirloom pumpkins are special.

Starting October 31st (today) and going while supplies last, these lovely large squash are going to be priced at only $4 each. If you’re thinking “But today is Halloween. What do I need a pumpkin for after that?” the answers are endless. If you aren’t into pumpkin decor, the Cheese Pumpkin is one of the longest standing pie pumpkins. It can also be turned into pumpkin soup, roasted on its own, or turned into pumpkin butter.

Heirloom varieties of fruits and veggies have been argued to be more tasty and nutritious since they haven’t been engineered to grow quickly and travel The Distance like hybrid varieties. They also help to keep up the earths genetic diversity which began dwindling with the advent of commercial farming as we know it. If you want to dig a little deeper into the benefits of heirloom growing, you can look here.

These specific cinderella squash come from Glaser’ s Produce, which is located in New Roads, LA- only about 110 miles away!

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