Upcoming Events & Workshops

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Saturday November 11th

9-10 am – Yoga at Hollygrove

Taught by Chioma Urami

10:30 am – Kombucha 101

Taught by Spencer Fossier

12pm – Organic Edible Gardening

with Instar Farm’s Erika Nolan

1:30 pm – Tandem Tea Tasting

with Charles and Nick from Tandem Tea Company

2pm – 5pm – Roots R Rudiment Pop Up Vegan Food!

November 11th is going to be a poppin’ day at Hollygrove! On top of all of the things we have planned, Crescent City Yoga Fest 2017 is being held across the street from 12-6 pm.  Check out more information on it here.

Sunday November 12th

9am-1pm – Brunch in the Garden

Eats by NOLA Underground Vegan Sushi Group

Beats by Sarah Ristaino

Sunday November 19th

9am-1pm – Brunch in the Garden

Saturday November 25th

Sunday November 26th

9am-1pm – Brunch in the Garden

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    • Home Delivery says:

      The Burmese pop up by Lahpet is on the first Sunday of every month from 9am – 1pm. Hope that information is still useful to you and apologies for the response taking so long.

      Hollygrove Team

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