The Hollygrove Market and Farm (HM&F) is a urban farm, local produce market, and community garden space located in the heart of New Orleans.  Our collaborative partners include Carrollton-Hollygrove Community Development Corporation, New Orleans Food & Farm Network, Tulane City Center, Trinity Christian Community, and the Master Gardeners of New Orleans.


Hollygrove Market and Farm exists to increase accessibility of fresh produce to Hollygrove, surrounding underserved neighborhoods, and all of New Orleans while promoting sustainability through support of local farmers and the local economy as well as acting as a demonstration site for environmentally sustainable practices.


In addition to supporting the development of community gardens and providing training programs, the farm serves as a demonstration site for visitors interested in adopting environmentally sustainable practices. Features such as composting, cistern irrigation, recycling, chicken coops, and sustainable gardening all serve this purpose and are vital components of the farm.


HM&F has developed and operates a CSA-style cooperative and retail market.  Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer.  What makes us different is that we bring the farm to the table by making fresh produce available to the consumer without the consumer being required to buy shares in a farm.

At HM&F, in place of members buying shares from a single farm, we buy from a network or collective of small farms and urban growers throughout the region. Our sources consist of backyard growers, community gardens, urban micro-farms in New Orleans, and rural farms throughout southern Louisiana and Mississippi. For consumers, produce is available for individual purchase in the retail market, or in a pre-designed $25 Box, honoring the CSA share model. No prior commitments are necessary to pick up a Box – they are available to all walk-in customers!

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    • tanajordan says:

      Yes, our chickens (for meat and eggs) are pasture-raised. Thanks for inquiring, and sorry about the delay.

    • Home Delivery says:

      Hello Katherine,

      Our main focus is on the benefits and sustainability of buying local, however many of our farmers and vendors do practice a wide array of sustainable methods. All of our produce and products are labeled so that you know what farms grow which food and how they grow it when you’re shopping. We do try to find organic and non-GMO products and have many on sale in the store at all times. Feel free to ask a cashier to help you distinguish the difference as well.

      Thanks for reaching out!
      Hollygrove Team

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