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Community Growers

Our Community Growers manage the raised cinderblock beds here at the market and farm.

These community members represent a wide cross section of growers, from master gardeners to first timers to composters. We aim to provide growing space where Hollygrove and New Orleans residents alike can cultivate their gardening skills.

Hear what a few of them have to say!

Shannon Bradford has been a grower here since early 2014, finding what she was looking for in a growing space close to home. She loves being outside, enjoying the peace and tranquility of the evening, coming out to nurture her plants. Shannon's favorite things to grow include eggplant, zucchini, and yellow squash.

Bernadette Greene is our most senior grower, joining the farm in early 2011. Her original goals for her garden were to allow her to grow and eat food without pesticides to live more healthily. Seeing things grow from seeds into plants has been transformative, especially when they are her favorites: mustards greens and herbs.

Patricia Perillo joined the community growers in the fall of 2014. She came to grow all natural veggies, which she likes watching go from invisible to blooming!

Nelson Richerson has been gardening at Hollygrove Market and Farm since 2012. He likes the convenience of being able to grow veggies close to his house and getting the chance to work outside in the sun.

If you are are Hollygrove resident interested in a community garden plot, please contact us at info@hollygrovemarket.com.

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